1. Lack of male role models
  2. Both male/female
  3. The ages of 6-18
  4. Lower Economic group
  5. To provide more programs around the areas where there would be particular a lack of positive or no male role model. A place where children can come to for comfort and positive advise.

Ted Talk

In this video it is about an Arabian women named Rusul Alrubail and she talks about some of the adversities she had to face going to school. I related to her is when she was telling about when her teacher was trying put her down and all she was doing is asking for her professor for feed back and her teacher refused and also said she just not at that level. I relate to that because when I was in high school I a close family member say I wouldn’t mount to anything but in jail or killed. But as she said you can’t let people let you down you have to keep on fighting to achieve your goal even when the odds are against you. Just keep moving forward keep your head up high and work to get where you want in life. The message to this is to not let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams.